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What is the best neckband Bluetooth headset available in India?

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The Bluetooth handsets have variety of uses. The primary motive is to hear every sound clearly without holding your cell phone near your ear. This saves your ear from the harmful rays. There are wide ranges of features associated with the Wireless Bluetooth Earphones. We are going to discuss its features in this article

List of features of Bluetooth headset

  • Mic with HD sound and noise cancelling

The sound quality of the headphone is going to be an important feature. The wireless earbud also comes with the facility of soaring highs, bass, clear midrange. It becomes really pathetic when you are in an important call but the noise from outside disturbs you like anything. The CVC 6.0 technology creates the reduction of the noise that is created outside.

  • Waterproof sport bullet headset

The headset featured with the hooks that have the hooks placed over the ears. The ear tips have foam which will make the feel very comfortable. There won’t be any type of hard feeling even if you use it for a long time. Thus, your era will be free from fatigue.

  • Music for long hours

     The Bluetooth earphone wireless with michas the specific capacity. You will be quite assure that, the Bluetooth will give you the backup of 8 hours. Yes, you can hear songs and music easily with the help of this Bluetooth headset.

  • Connectivity factor

Sometimes having a poor connectivity is a major issues of not purchasing the device. This is true for the Bluetooth also. The Bluetooth device that you are going to choose here must be of a connectivity factor. The high quality material is used here with the innovation in technology.

Description of Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Bluetooth Headset for mobile

Innovation, hi-tech

People can enjoy the benefit of stereo sound through the Bluetooth wireless earphones. This comes with the exclusive Bluetooth V4.1 technology. The era design comes with ergonomic fittings. It is so light weight that you can wear this for an extended period of time. The padding and cushioning in ear will provide great comfort. You can enjoy the hands free call for extended period of time.

Technical specification

  •     Terrific noise reduction factor
  •     This has the distance of transmission of 30ft
  •    The category of Bluetooth and specification is 4.1+EDR
  •    The device has the frequency response of 20- 22khz
  •    The device also have the playback time of 7hr
  •    You get the charging time of 2h
  •    Standby time of 240h

All these above features and the specification of the bluetooth earphone wireless with mic have made it unique. All the features of the device along with the specification have made it unique and great. Bluetooth Headset for mobile

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