Peter Max- Protecting Society and The Environment Through Art

Peter Max- Protecting Society and The Environment Through Art

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Several social and environmental issues are plaguing the world today. Despite activists campaigning for these causes, some responsible people in the society go the extra mile to spread social and environmental messages through their work. Pop art is a unique form of art that uses bright colors and themes. This art has gone against the traditions of fine art to draw inspiration from mundane culture and spread messages to the masses at large.

Peter Max- sending messages through pop art

Peter Max is no stranger when it comes to the pop art world. He has been associated in the field of pop art for over 50 years. He has been the official artist for six Presidents of the USA and has been behind the advertising campaigns like NHL, The Grammy Awards, Super Bowl, etc. He has also designed the advertising campaign for the popular music reality show in the USA – The Voice. He has also been the official artist for major sports events like the Winter Olympics of 2006, US Open, Woodstock and World Cups. Besides pop art, he is an avid political and environmental activist. The oil spill in 1968 that took place in Santa Barbara affected him largely. Since then, he has been creating several paintings and artwork with a message to protect the environment and its precious resources.

The use of rainbow and vibrant colors in his art

If you closely look at his work, you will find that he has used a lot of bright and vibrant colors. He has used a wide range of patterns and colors that can be noted in the Umbrella Man series created by him.  Inspired by his dad and mom to take up art at a young age, he has traveled and lived with them in China, Israel, and Paris. He is now settled in New York. He says that his work is full of unique style as he loves patterns, composition, and people. He was the man behind some of the amazing music posters popular in the USA under the psychedelic movement. He has created designs for high-profile, popular brands like 7-Up and Chrysler. One can view his artwork at The Indianapolis Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art. His works of art have stolen the hearts of many young and old people across the world. His artwork has the ability to transcend barriers are speak to people of all ages.

One can see the mesmerizing works of Peter Max on his Facebook Page. Today he has evolved as a pop artist from the 1960s to a master artist in neo-expressionism.  Millions and agents have appreciated his work from esteemed museums, and galleries say his name is synonymous with contemporary culture in the USA. His work has captured the music and social spirit of the 1960s to 1970s.  Though he has been painting for the past 50 years, he still has the creative urge to woo audiences with his amazing vibrant hues in the world of pop and cosmic art!

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