Larry Polhill Talks About Key Management Objectives

Larry Polhill Talks About Key Management Objectives

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The management of a company is known to play a major role in ensuring its optimal progress and prosperity. The main objective of any management team is to make sure that a company is able to run as smooth as possible.  Larry Polhill underlines the fact that good managers are able to discover how to master five distinct functions, which are controlling, organizing, planning, staffing and leading, in order to take a business towards success.  Mr.Polhill himself was a part of the management team of various organizations, and therefore is quite well versed with this field.  He used to be a President and Chairman Emeritus at Cafe Valley, Inc, and served as a Manager of Capital Foods, LLC.

Larry Polhill underlines the objectives of management in a business organization

According to Larry Polhill, the management team of a company tends to have various well defined objectives. Here are some of the major and the most common objectives that they generally tend to have:

  • Planning: This objective essentially involves mapping out the ways of achieving particular goals of the organization. For example, in case the goal of an organization is to improve its sales number, then its management team needs to take definite steps towards the achievement of that particular goal. Larry Polhill mentions that these steps might include increasing the sales staff and advertising measures of the organization, as well as augmenting its inventory. As this plan is set in place, the management team can subsequently follow it accordingly in order to accomplish the aim of improving company sales.
  • Organizing: As the plan for achieving the company goal is formulated and put in place, the management team is required to organize the staff and materials involved as per that plan. Granting authority and assigning work tends to be two of the most vital elements of this organizing factor.
  • Staffing: After the management team of a company tends to discern their area of requirement, they might be required to beef up the enterprise staff by choosing to recruit, select, train and develop employees. The management team of any major company ideally works with the human resources department of the organization for the purpose of accomplishing this goal.
  • Leading: The management team of a company has much more responsibilities than to plan, organize and staff the company in order to achieve a goal. They must also lead the various employees of the organization. This leading factor ideally involves the elements of motivating, communicating, encouraging and guiding. The management team of a company quite often coaches, assists and solves the problems of their employees.
  • Controlling: As the other elements of an organization are in place, its management team ideally be able to continuously check results against its various goals. They typically need to take certain corrective measures at times in order to make sure the plans involved in various areas of business remain absolutely on track. .

Larry Polhill highlights that without a good management team no organization would be able function in a systematic manner.

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