Ideal Sheds to Declutter your Home

Ideal Sheds to Declutter your Home

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Is your home starting to feel cluttered? Fancy finally reclaiming a bit of space for yourself? It has largely been believed that garden sheds are reserved only as a dumping ground for garden tools and that long-forgotten tool kit which hasn’t seen the light of day in years. That conception is ending, garden sheds can offer so much more than a resting place for garden equipment, in fact with the available range of sheds in North Wales, the possibilities are almost endless.

It happens to the best of us, our belongings start to pile up over the years and when the time comes we can’t bear to get rid of them, despite having brought new versions years ago. That’s where a garden shed comes in, a perfect tranquil retreat in the summer kitted out with everything you don’t need in the house and when the winter rolls around- a safe and secure place to store extra clutter. There really is no downside to upgrading your garden with a new shed, other than the fact that once your settled in, you may not want to leave!

What Can a Shed Offer You?

Forget your previous shed-conceptions and ditch the image of a pokey shed at the bottom of the garden harbouring its own insect population. Today’s sheds meet the modern need, whether that’s the need for a garden retreat or the perfect place to store and safeguard your extra belongings. Think of a new shed as an extra extension on your home, a new room to customise and an ideal place to free up space in your home.

Sturdy and durable, modern sheds are built to withstand the weather and ensure that your much-loved belongings are kept in the condition you left them in. If your spare room is not looking so spare or your kitchen cupboards are overloaded with pans, a couple of shelves in your new shed could see you get back that much needed cupboard space. A much better solution than throwing away perfectly good products!

A Shed to Suit Your Needs

There are virtually limitless varieties of shed on the market for you to choose from, coming in all sizes from a humble storage space to an exuberant room a short walk from your back door. It is important to consider exactly how you want to use your shed before you buy a new one. If you have a lot of clutter or furniture, go big; if you just fancy emptying a few cupboards then a smaller shed could suit your needs. It’s not just the size you need to consider though, what it is made from is just as important.

  • Metal Sheds- One of the sturdiest and long-lasting material choices for your shed, a metal shed is generally built to last. While the look of a metal shed isn’t for everyone, you can be sure that your belongings will be secure from the elements.
  • Plastic Sheds- A plastic shed is the easiest to move and often to put together. Normally simple to disassemble, it offers good protection but generally at the cost of visual appearance. A good choice for basic storage but difficult to customise to your preferences.
  • Wooden Sheds- The classic shed choice, resistant to rot and fitting perfectly into most established garden designs. While not the strongest choice, it often comes available in the largest variety of styles and is easy to personally alter.


While there is plenty to choose from, sometimes it just feels right to roll your sleeves up and build your own. A quick visit to a builders merchant in North Wales will see you kitted out with everything you need to start your home built shed project. Building your own shed opens the option of really customising your space, making it the size you want it to be with all the accessories and nooks that only a hand built shed could have.

Zacsgarden has some expert advice and tips on shed shelving ideas that both the seasoned handyman and the newcomer can achieve for a beautiful and practical way of de-cluttering your home.

Find the Shed for You

Once you have decided what size and finish would look great for your new shed, the next step is checking some out or heading to your local builder’s merchants for a stock-up on shed building supplies. Richard Williams is a local independent builders merchant based in North Wales with an extensive range of shed building tools and materials. Or if you don’t fancy doing it yourself there is a great selection of timber sheds, perfect for however much room you want to free up in your home.

Sheds are an affordable and easy way to gain that bit of extra room we all crave. There is no simpler way to make your home feel like new again, find a place for the clutter that’s getting you down with a brand-new shed.

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