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Bullet Or Dome Camera; Which One Should You Opt For

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Worried about your housing or office security need but confused with which camera type to go for? Here is a brief on bullet camera and dome camera and some features that will help you to understand which one is the best.

When shopping for your business surveillance system or say home security system, you are likely enough to go for two of the prime options available in the name of dome cameras and bullet cameras. If you pay a close look at both of them, you will get to see that while the dome camera come with the top portion resembling a dome, bullet cameras generally protrude outwards just similar to that of a gun barrel. Apart from their look, these two cameras perform the same function. However a closer look at their features and performance bring to light some slight changes.

Compare And Contrast Between Bullet And Dome Camera

To help you get a thorough idea about the same, you ought to go through this article. Here you will find some basic points being taken into concern such as installation, placement location, range and others.


Talking of installation, compared to dome cameras, bullet cameras are flexible enough and this is entirely due to their shape. Bullet cameras being ‘point-shoot’ devices need to be positioned in a way that the mounting bracket gets to rest on the surface or wall. Once done, your device is all set to commence with the recording.  And if you wish to reverse the viewing angle post installation, all you require doing is simply changing the same towards your preferred location. Now it is not that mounting dome cameras is difficult but for the same to be done, but problem pops up when you wish to change your viewing area. To do so, you need to dismount the camera first and then place it according to your desired angle. So, to carry out this process, you will have to call a professional camera installer and then go ahead.

Reliable location

As of dome recorders, these being elegant and sleek are popular among the users for protecting the indoor setup of a business or home. They can easily blend with the interior decor of a building without requiring major changes. However when it comes to bullet cameras, they are generally suitable for monitoring the outdoor region. Weatherproof coatings and rugged housings help them to bear even the worst weathers without even affecting their recording capability. Thus it is always recommended to check the waterproof rating of any of these systems prior to installation. 


There are generally ‘n’ numbers of features upon which the actual range of this kind of security devices depend. Some such are sensor chip, type of lens, back light compensation, wide dynamic range, auto light control and others. It is actually very hard to determine which camera type actually comes with a longer range. But when discussing in general, bullet cameras come in such a shape that can easily incorporate bigger lens which in turn helps to increase the array of recording. This recording range in somewhat restricted by the dome cameras owing to their shape.

Concluding Note

Now all that you require doing is sit down calmly, analyze and point out your actual security requirements. After you are done with it, carry out the compare and contrast phase between dome cameras and bullet cameras and finalise the one meeting you requirement.

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