Are you visiting Sydney First Time? Read our 6 Tips to Save time and Money

Are you visiting Sydney First Time? Read our 6 Tips to Save time and Money

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Who says visiting the ends of the Earth will not cost a fortune? From the airplane ticket to the food, accommodation to transportation, even though the Australian Dollar is getting weak in the international market, the price levied on tourists (maybe only tourists and maybe the prices are for locals as well) is well enough to kill any tourist’s budget right away.

Yes Sydney city is surrounded by wine regions, world heritage sites, iconic beaches and even the best of natural and games reserve, the city still retains its cosmopolitan nature as an urban city. It is the most visited city in Australia and it is the largest city in the country as well. A visit to Sydney is a visit worth it and with this article, I hope to make your tour to Sydney not only fun filled but also money saving and time saving. Here are few ways you can save time and money in the Australia biggest city:

  1. Avoid everything that is expensive

One of the easiest ways to save money in Sydney is to stick to the low –end restaurants, beer and wine. In most parts of the world, a buyer always get more value by purchasing the high-end , but here in Sydney, well, the high-end food, drinks and products offer little to no value when compared to the low-end. So why not just stick to the low-end, get the same value and keep your money saved.

  1. The town Hall tour

If you still want to save money in Sydney then this town hall is a must for you. For just AUD 5 on a Tuesday morning, you can get a 2 hour detailed tour of the Sydney’s town hall. The picturesque Victorian building was built in 1889 and the tour of the town hall is so detailed that you will think you paid more than AUD 5. To see more attraction sites, click here for the Sydney Tourist attractions map .

  1. The markets

Visiting Sydney and not visiting the markets is a bad story entirely. The city offers one of the best markets to walk through and tour and even make purchases along the way. From the Paddington market to the farmers’ market, the Glebe Market, Rozelle Collectors Market, Orange Grove Organic Market, Bondi Farmer’s Market, Manly Market Place and Chinatown Night Market. You will get everything you need at any of these markets and you will be surprised how cheap markets are compared to malls.

  1. Attend city’s main events

Sydney is a city that rivals Melbourne as the culture capital of Australia and as such, the city tries to outdo its rival by hosting several events year round.  From the New Year Eve festival to the Twilight at Taronga (a music series), to the Lost Paradise (Music festival 3 days long), to the Vivid Sydney and the City2surf (annual race festival), you will have a fun filled stay in the city. There are other several festivals, concerts, gallery nights and much more the city has to offer. You can see more details on the city’s tourism website or you can click here for more about Sydney.

  1. Buy and eat cheap food

You might want to enter the city and move along with the locals well to understand how to eat cheap in Sydney, but promisingly, the city offer places where you can grab really cheap meals. Some of these places include ‘El Jannah’ where you can get chicken sandwiches, ‘Chinese noodle restaurant’ if you love homemade noodles. For fried chicken, visit the ‘Wish Bone’ and for Thai food, ‘Spice I Am’ will do justice. Spicy Chinese foods can be bought cheap at ‘Spicy Joint’. You will also get a filling meal at AUD 10 with a Sushi train around the city. The dumpling shops in Chinatown offer great tasty meal for less than AUD 10 even.

  1. Hop-on hop-off bus tour

The bus tours in Sydney offer free Wi-Fi on all buses. It is a great way to get to see the city at your own pace. There are three main bus tickets which all allow you to have an exclusive view of attraction sites in the city. All tickets follow just 2 routes from the starting point. The major attraction sites the buses will stop by, where you can easily hop-off the bus include St. Mary’s Cathedral, Bondi beach, Australian Museum, Sydney Tower, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Hyde Park barracks, Sydney town opera house and the Darling Harbor. Click here for Sydney bus tours comparison .

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