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Always at your service: The best customer care in mobile

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Airtel mobile customer care believes in quick and easy service with just one call. This article expounds the virtues of enlisting Airtel’s help.

Good customer care is the hallmark of any company’s success. But very few companies today are able to provide any satisfactory customer care, or indeed, none at all.

A customer calling the helpline is obviously in need of immediate help. Long-winded procedures, where you are made to wait endlessly, or forced to fill out forms before you get assistance, can irritate you. This is true of mobile customer care, where you need help now and not later.

Airtel mobile customer care scores high points on this front. The company is extremely helpful with a professional and humane customer care cell.

* Just one phone call does the trick. You don’t have to call the Airtel mobile customer care on 121 over and over again to get help. Just place your call and explain the nature of your grievance to the customer care executive. From here on, the executive will guide you on what to do next. With just one call, your grievance is addressed immediately and to your satisfaction.

* Get help when your phone is stolen or lost. Your phone connects you to the world. So, when it is lost or stolen, it can cause a lot of stress to you. As an Airtel customer, however, you just need to memorise the Airtel mobile customer care numbers to get immediate help. When calling from an Airtel phone, dial 121 to ask the operator to block your SIM card on the stolen phone. Or when calling the company from a non-Airtel phone to block your SIM card, dial 9892012345. After confirming your identity with a couple of security questions, the customer care executive then proceeds to block the SIM. In some cases, especially if you have the ‘Find phone’ feature activated on your phone, the company can even start tracking where the phone is if the police requests for the same. All of this is done quickly, so that miscreants may not get access to sensitive information stored on the phone.

* Get clarity on your plan and billing. You may have signed up for a certain plan or prepaid package, but find that another plan or package has been activated by mistake. Or you may find an unusually high bill despite low usage. Whatever the issue may be, just place a call on the Airtel mobile customer care number and receive clarity on the matter. The customer care executive at Airtel will never argue with you, but they will proceed to patiently explain the issue or look into it if there has been a mistake at their end. You will receive an acknowledgement about your call with details of what to do next.

* Get emergency assistance. You might be at peril from somebody chasing you, or you may be fleeing from an assault or another crime. At such times, it helps to be an Airtel customer. Airtel mobile customer care can be contacted for immediate assistance in an emergency – activate the emergency button on your phone and first call the police. Next, call the Airtel helpline number at 121 and notify them about the kind of distress you are in. The executive can compile a log sheet for your location and route you are taking, in case your phone gets switched off at some point. They can also coordinate with the police to map your coordinates to find you using GPS-enabled services.

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